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1 to 1 Readings with Linda Rowntree

Linda offers either psychic or mediumship readings here at Bohemian Dreams every Friday.

A Psychic reading is where Linda will connect with you and what is going on around you and help you to find a way forward. This kind of reading is for those who need a bit of guidance..... Linda cannot predict the future, but she can tell you how she sees it at the moment.

A Mediumship reading is one where Linda connects to the spirit world and gives evidence of a loved one or friend who has passed over. This type of reading can be very comforting as well as healing.

Psychic or Mediumship Reading £45 or a bit of both £55

To Book contact Bohemian Dreams on 01787 827410

Crystal card readings with Cosmo Verner

Crystal card readings can be a wonderful way to learn from our day to day experiences and see behind the issues and challenges that we face by being guided by the magical frequencies and energies from the Mineral Kingdom.

Similar to Tarot yet fundamentally different in outlook, card readings focus on where we are now, what brought us to this point and what crystals might be most beneficial to us, allowing us to move forward with new energy, vitality and optimism

£28.00 1/2 hr

For more information or to book visit