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Synergy's Trulum Face Care Range

Trulūm, Synergy’s premium skin care line, helps the skin not only look younger, but act younger at the cellular level.  The line consists of seven botanical-rich products scientifically formulated to address the skin microbiome.


The Trulūm skin care regimen consists of three steps that holistically address all three layers of the skin. By individually targeting the needs

of each layer, Trulūm promotes healthy skin function and produces a more youthful, healthy glow to reveal your true luminance.

Cleansing Gel

An all-in-one cleanser supporting multiple skin types, theTrulūm Cleansing Gel offers a refreshing and invigorating first step in your skin care regimen. Featuring a gentle cleansing agent that doesn’t strip the skin of naturally occurring beneficial lipids, Trulūm Cleansing Gel supports the skin’s protective barrier, removing environmental contaminants and irritants while retaining moisture for a softer, clearer looking complexion.                                           £30

Hydrating Toner

Following cleansing, the Trulūm Hydrating Toner purifies and prepares the skin to efficiently absorb the rich, natural ingredients and powerful extracts of the other products in the Trulūm skin care regimen. Helping to regulate moisture levels and balance the skin’s pH levels, this unique formulation also supports the natural processes of the skin to provide a healthier look and feel.                   £31

Brightening Serum

Overactive coloration pathways and the accumulation of dead skin cells can decrease luminance/Trulūm Brightening Serum promotes an even looking skin tone and complexion by minimizing the appearance of dark spots, while supporting a fresh, renewed appearance to bring out a youthful glow.   £73


Trulūm Moisturizer stimulates the skin’s moisture production, helping to sustain healthy hydration of the epidermal surface from the inside. In addition to fortifying the skin with long-lasting moisture, this cutting-edge formula also fortifies the skin and supports a healthy look and feel.                  £70

Youth serum

Trulūm Youth Serum strengthens the skin’s naturally occurring barrier and protects against pollutants and irritants. It supports skin strength and quality,

diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. The ultimate solution to intrinsically strengthen the skin, Trulūm Youth Serum also includes a blend of superfruits for enhanced protection.


Eye Cream

Aging is often most visible around the eyes, as fine lines and wrinkles develop from our natural expressions. Maintain a youthful appearance by decreasing the

appearance of fine wrinkles with the powerful Trulūm Eye Cream. Using the latest science, Trulūm Eye Cream

supports skin plumping around the eyes to quickly provide a younger looking appearance.                                                                 £50

Intrinsic Complex

Trulūm Intrinsic Complex helps provide skin with the strength it needs to protect against and minimize the damage from sun exposure, pollution and other irritants. An advanced formula for preserving the skin’s intrinsic luminance in the face of environmental contaminants, this innovative formula supports optimal skin function to help even and lighten skin tone while increasing smoothness and firmness.                                 £68

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Trulūm has been carefully

formulated using natural enzymes

and botanical ingredients to produce

gentle yet penetrating effects,

bringing out the best in your skin